Tree Surgery

With over 10 years experience, Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery are able to determine the best course of action for any tree surgery based upon the trees condition, whether this be save, fell, or dismantle. This is sometimes a vital element of tree surgery, as some trees pose a significant risk to both the public and/or a property. Because of this we do offer a 24 hour emergency service.

Tree Pruning

In regards to tree pruning,  there can be many different aspects and each project will be appraised on its own merits and offer the best approach based upon the pros and cons, and also the client’s needs. This will be dependent upon the type of tree, size and condition, and obviously the owner’s needs as mentioned. Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery works to the highest standards, ensuring using cuts to the branch collar of the tree as stated in the guidelines BS3998 Recommendations for Tree Work (2010), if branches are diseased or damaged for example.

In other cases such as crossed or touching branches then we will prune to ensure a healthy and aesthetically pleasing look. Safety is always at the forefront of our work, and the use of ropes and harnesses ensure the safety of ourselves, the public and any surrounding property. It is also always ensured that the site where the work was undertaken is cleared and left in a tidy manner.

Tree removal & Dismantling:

On occasion it is necessary that a tree needs to be fully dismantled and removed, often due to the dying off of the tree or due to structural reasons posing a threat to the public or a property. Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery can ensure the removal of a tree quickly and safely with no threat to surrounding properties or public, and at no inconvenience to yourself, the client. The tree will be dismantled in small, manageable sections, in the safest manner possible, usually involving harnesses and ropes. All waste is removed and recycled leaving the area safe and clean, with the least disruption possible.

Tree planting & aftercare

Planting trees can be an intimidating prospect for some. Not all trees are the correct ones for certain environments, leading to potentially damaging or even dangerous situations. It has been shown that over 70% of trees that have been planted in the UK have failed to thrive and the reasons for this have been shown to usually be due to the wrong selection of tree for the soil, poor handling and/or storage of the sapling/tree, improper planting and also an extreme lack of aftercare.

Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery has over 10 years experience and knowledge of planting trees in both residential and commercial areas, being highly knowledgeable about the correct types of trees for certain areas and also the technical aspects that may be involved in the process of planting and also of the aftercare for those trees once in the ground. It has been proven that this aftercare that Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery offers as standard greatly increases the survival rate of these newly planted trees, whether standard, ornamental or commemorative.

Hedge Trimming & Hedge Reduction

Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery offers everything from regular hedge trimming to the restoration of overgrown hedges to a more manageable size.

Forestry & Woodland Works

Chris Wheatley Tree Services are able to offer a comprehensive range of services for forestry and woodland works to include, but not inclusive of tree planting & re-spacing, tree felling & dismantling, site clearance, crown thinning and stump removal & grinding. Specialist machinery is available to ensure the job is done to the correct and most safety conscious standards. Our company offers a comprehensive woodland management service priding itself on the previous work we have achieved in the woodland and forestry industry. We are experts in tree planting, maintenance & aftercare, invasive species control, and also woodland and habitat restoration and improvement.

Site Clearance

At Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery, site clearance is a speciality. Whether commercial or domestic, whether looking for a re-design for the grounds of your current property and land, or whether you are clearing space for a building development, then we can help. We have the specialist equipment needed for excavation, levelling and landscaping projects, and also the experience needed. No obligation quotes are available, so why not call Chris Wheatley today?

Wood Chipping

At Chris Wheatley Tree Surgery, the environment is one of the reasons I decided to become a tree surgeon and so recycling is a top priority. All trees have their use, whether environmental or other. All wood is recycled by ourselves. Tree trunks can be used as firewood, in construction, interior design, decorations and garden ornaments. Obviously some trees or wood will not meet these requirements and still we will recycle them, the main uses being for horse arenas, and as mulch in gardens, playgrounds & parks. Nothing is wasted; everything is used in one way or another.